Morgan, with over 20 years of experience in foreign policy, national security, financial services, and venture capital, is a U.S. Navy Reserve Officer and General Partner at Mare Liberum, a fund focused on maritime sustainability and security. In 2021, she helped establish Rubicon Founders, a healthcare services investment fund and venture studio, and founded Polaris National Security, a think tank on American foreign policy. She hosts “The Morgan Ortagus Show” on Sirius XM, a weekly Sunday radio show on American national security. From 2019-2021, Morgan served as the Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State, working closely with the White House on the Abraham Accords and leading efforts against Chinese, Russian, and Iranian influence campaigns.

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About Polaris

POLARIS National Security is a non-profit organization that fights for an America who leads, an America that is strong, and an America that wins. We believe that America is safer and the world will be more peaceful when our allies respect us and our adversaries fear us. We must demonstrate bold and principled leadership around the world and stand up for our allies and against our enemies. Polaris sees the threats around the world as they are, not as we wished they would be. We believe we must fight terrorists abroad rather than at home, push back on Putin’s Russia and Communist China, and work every day to prevent America from turning into a socialist nightmare.

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About Killbox

Killbox is a substack launched by Morgan Ortagus to bring a collection of unique behind-the-scenes looks at the threats our nation faces and how we can fight back. You can expect to hear directly from national security experts, human right dissidents, and senior leaders with a candor and perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

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